When Platters Turn To Polvos.

   Saturdays seem to be the only free days I have left anymore, coupled along with Sundays of course but I spend most of the actual day asleep and the

Peruvian Baked Eggplant Wedges

         Eggplant is one of those food conundrums. Its personality is reflected on its purple skin, where one can see a light in the darkness, or a darkness in

Huaraz, the Peruvian Switzerland

Huaraz, thought of whenever I’ll see a waterfall forming it’s path alongside a snowcapped mountain, down to the moist and fertile valley bellow. I reminisce my time there with the

Fausto and his black ceviche.

   Finding myself in an urgent need of a hobby and a malleable outlet for creative expression, I decided to turn to my friend the internet for answers. So I came