Bleu Cheese Stuffed Bacon Burgers w/ Mango Relish

     Peruvians have the negative reputation to be copycats. Nationals say that most can’t come up with anything interesting so they have to rely on foreign inspiration. This doesn’t

Do you even Vichyssoise?

   It happened, the sun came out in Lima. For those who are unaware, Lima is grey, all 50 shades (and then some.) For about 9 months out of the


          Every year the APJ (Peruvian Japanese Association) holds a festival to celebrate their culture, food, popular music, and menagerie with the Peruvian people they find themselves surrounded by.

Dude, I’m Fried

    Where on earth would we be without the french fry? How could we define our childhood? When we would eat them with ketchup, and only ketchup. We progressed to