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What Happened at Lima Brewfest 2015?

Beer | April 5, 2015 | By


photo 2   I think I’m becoming obsessed with beer. I drink beer all the time, I’m always looking for beer events, I find excuses to write about beer. This has been a recent thing, I found out about the craft beer event of the year in Lima, and I felt myself expand. But nothing prepared me for the actual event.


   I made it to the door of Mi Cebichela, a restaurant who, besides presenting a wonderful seafood menu, also has their own house beer, Detomas. The place was packed more tightly than a box of crayons and I had to convince the doorman to let 1 more person violate the interior capacity limits.

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   The first thing I grabbed was the rouge, by beer stache. A strong beer photowith heavy chocolate caramel notes, apart from the best marketing scheme yet. Next to it was, my all time favorite brewery, Nuevo Mundo. They were offering 2 different drinks there, a stout called Kung Fu Panda, & the barley wine Barihuait (say it about 4 times and you’ll get it) which, to me, is probably one of the most bitter beers I’ve ever tasted. But I’m one of those beverages w/o sugar people so I was partially convinced it was made for me. They even created this chart to check it out along with their famous Premium variety.


   After walking around some, I found the town’s beloved Barbarian. They were presenting a new flavor, called “La Nena Hoppy Wheat.” A wheat beer, made with bananas. Fermented bananas always leave this particularly fruity insipid taste but it doesn’t dry the mouth out which is pleasant seeing that this beer goes down sweet and acidic. 

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   One thing did stand out though, and it spoke for the future of, not only craft beer, but families, in Peru. I came across Melkin, a family owned brewery in Arequipa who didn’t bring with them any crazy ingredient from the Andes (no shade to the sauco beer from Cerveceria del Valle it was beautiful.) or elaborated beer from some region of Europe no ones been to. Just a porter, a pale ale, and news of another beer festival to take place in Arequipa, with 7 other brewers of the region. I was shocked that these kinds of things were growing to that rate, outside of Lima! (few things do.) With that said, I can’t wait for next year’s round of “Which beer gets you more drunk the quickest.”

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