Madres Surquillanas & Their Maritime Morsels

Lima | July 20, 2015 | By

Every so often, in the criollo streets of emerging Lima, you find yourself within the reach of fairly priced gastronomic coming-togethers offering culture & flavor, in great quantities.edit1

   In the Surquillo district near the popular tourist landing spot, Miraflores, there is a large commercial food market selling all sorts of foods from simple national to imported or gourmet ingredients & meats. On the weekend there is an organic market (a trend growing in popularity as more Peruvians want to escape the hazards of pesticides & GMO’s.) Adjacent to the market, also elaborated strictly on weekends, there is a food court operated by a group of local mothers offering a variety of native dishes varying from seafood to the jungle, and good, wholesome criollo platters.

edit5   I want to point out the seafood stand in particular offer giant portions of quality food. I mean QUALITY!! Their crab causa is almost identical to ones I can get for s/.28 the portion but for only s/.8, and their s/.5 single serving leche de tigre cups topped with fried squid are great for starting your morning with a potent glass of omega 3, 6, and vitamin C while shopping for your organic vegetables (warning, spicy, but that fights cancer ;D).

   Their prawn chupe is consistent but economic yet not lacking flavor or seving size (yet to be confirmed if they use prawns out of season) and their fried seafood jalea coupled with their homemade milk mayonnaise and warming aji sauce makes hangovers feel okay.



   Honestly though, cheap & delicious food. ¿What more do you need?

   Market found on the corner of  Av. Ricardo Palma and the Via Expresa, remember Surquillo has to marketplaces, this is known as the marketplace #1



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