When Platters Turn To Polvos.

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   Saturdays seem to be the only free days I have left anymore, coupled along with Sundays of course but I spend most of the actual day asleep and the rest of it just despondent due to the previous nights escapades. This Saturday I decided to stock up on pirated DVDs (Thank you South America) at a big market in the Historic Center of Lima, Polvos Azules.

   Upon arriving with a few friends, we were famished. It was mid-day, the sun was nowhere to be found, and we appeared in the food court on the final floor of the establishment. It was as expected, plastic tables, plastic chair, soccer playing on every T.V. in the squared off area that shares a lot with the parking spaces.


Ceviche is what was provoking us, as it tends to. We started searching and about a few stores in we found a pearl, and it was called, Costa arena.

There were 4 friends and 3 meals, I myself had a flavorful mussel soup, with a typical Peruvian pumpkin stew called locro, a little on the watery side. There was also a solterito de queso, typical Arequipenian salad, which was a little more onion than queso. But these were not the what made this place special. 


Platters man. They had the most outrageous food platter. On a single plate 3 dishes sure to fill you up and satisfy your tongue. Only s/.12 (about $5) They had a variety, interchanging rice dishes and proteins but it was basically all the same presentation. Ceviche, fried calamari, a rice/protein dish, and adornments like seaweed and fried plantain chips.

10719056_10205013640166468_1604955185_nI had the luxury of talking to the chef, Andres Valdion, who moved to the city from Ayacucho. He studied various food courses ranging from fruit decoration to vegetable sculptures, he also has a background in Japanese restaurants. But when I asked him how he learned about food the first thing he said was, “You learn when you’re born, it’s something you do not something you can take a class on.” The fish he prefers to use are cabrilla and perico, and if you’re lucky every now and again he might even use swordfish, if you’re a good customer.

If you wish to visit it’s on the last floor of Polvos Azules, food stand #12

10711705_10205013638766433_1657989557_n 10719410_10205013639286446_304523735_n

Location of Polvos Azules: http://www.polvosazules.pe/ubicacion.php


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