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Dude, I’m Fried

Potato | November 8, 2014 | By

    Where on earth would we be without the french fry? How could we define our childhood? When we would eat them with ketchup, and only ketchup. We progressed to mustard, tartar, and if you were that special daredevil you can recall yourself making that deep fried

photo 1 dive towards your milkshake with your potato javelin.


   For this high cal experiment I chose the potato varieties Tomasa, Pink Canchan, and the Negrita.


   The cooking method I applied was I would place them in hot oil, deep fry at 140C (280F) for about 10-15 min at medium heat or until tender. Then I would crank up the heat to full and let it get a nice crust.


   The Negrita: This potato proved to be visually appealing, for there were purple veins throughout the potato that one can usually find in Andean potatoes. But, it absorbed way too much oil, giving it a pasty, fatty texture and lacking a crust.

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   Tomasa: This potato was perfectly moist and airy in the center, giving it a wonderful contrast with the firm crust it formed. Because of it originally pale color it gives a nice gold finish and a slight flavor of butter.

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   Pink Canchan: It gets a nice golden brown but it doesn’t form much of a crust sadly, pretty greasy but not as much as the Negrita. Although the flavor was very earthy and much appreciated.

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   So, in my opinion the best out of the 3 was the tomasa, for it’s obedience and performance. What a helpful root.


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