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Porter c/n Papas

Potato | March 19, 2015 | By

photo 5     Classes just started & between the blog, boyfriend, & my studies, my social life has suffered. I found myself entertaining a small flock of wanderers, with some picky palates. So I took advantage of an otherwise bothersome situation, and just gave them chips.   

   Before you become a naysayer, the flavorful aspect of this gastronomical get-together was rooted in, a beverage I’ve been gagging over since I saw the event on facebook for Lima Brew Fest this year. I figured, since porter & potato start with a noise that sounds like lips releasing flatulence, they should be a good pairing (am I wrong?)

photo 1    First we tried the potatoes. I used the Perricholi, Negra Andina, & Yungay varieties of potato.

  • The perricholi potato had the lightest taste of all. Neutral, with a palpable amount of oil.
  • The negra andina had the most developed (my favorite) flavor. It tasted like cereals and left the tongue with a sweet sensation.
  • The yungay seemed to absorb the most grease out of the 3. It didn’t stand out in any significant way other then the size of these potatoes are much larger making them more economic.

   As for the porters, I was inspired by a discount the gourmet food store La Gastronoma was having on porters. I thought a multi-person tasting would get a nice flavor profile. The porters we used were Chaski by Barbarian Craft Beers & Pampa from Nuevo Mundo Brewery.these potatoes are much larger making them more economic.

  • The chaski was bitter from the start. Smelled of chocolate & roasted barley. In terms of flavor, it was predominately coffee with hints of cream, chocolate, & cereals. Mahogany with a cappuccino colored foam & smooth 4
  • The pampa was just as bitter but not as strong (which for these beers can be a plus). We got a coffee taste from there as well but it was paired off with tamarind & oats with hints of vanilla and it was barely sweet. The color was rich & dark while the foam wasn’t as browned as the chaski (it looked more marbeled).photo 3


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