Pacaraos: Nothing quite as unique.

      I was recently invited to explore a small, undisclosed district within the regional department of Lima. A little over 2 hours outside of Huaral, heading high up in

Parmentier potato journal revival. Peruanita vs Canchan

   So this is a short one, but a necessary one. I haven’t written for the potato journal in a while. But I know that it’s an area with too

Porter c/n Papas

     Classes just started & between the blog, boyfriend, & my studies, my social life has suffered. I found myself entertaining a small flock of wanderers, with some picky palates.

Do you even Vichyssoise?

   It happened, the sun came out in Lima. For those who are unaware, Lima is grey, all 50 shades (and then some.) For about 9 months out of the

Dude, I’m Fried

    Where on earth would we be without the french fry? How could we define our childhood? When we would eat them with ketchup, and only ketchup. We progressed to

We Were All Baked

   “Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew” – Golem, Lord of the rings.    What our good friend was talking about were, of course, potatoes. In Perú

Huaraz, the Peruvian Switzerland

Huaraz, thought of whenever I’ll see a waterfall forming it’s path alongside a snowcapped mountain, down to the moist and fertile valley bellow. I reminisce my time there with the