IK, Ivan Kisic’s lasting memory.

IK, before anything else, has a story. Ivan Kisic had his tutelage in the most pristine kitchens in Europe, although his dream was to return to Peru and open a

Roberta Sudbrack. Brazil’s foremost female chef

   When in Rio, I had the chance to experience the 9 course tasting experience in the restaurant of the most critically acclaimed female chef in Brazil, Roberta Sudbrack.  


          Every year the APJ (Peruvian Japanese Association) holds a festival to celebrate their culture, food, popular music, and menagerie with the Peruvian people they find themselves surrounded by.

The misuse of Mistura

   In my youth I learned that food was diverse. My mom shoved pita bread topped with hummus down my throat and lamb patties with mint jelly would decorate a Tuesday