Pork Chop Poeler

 Here’s a Limerick.   My plate is done and I think I’ve done well It has to be I just went through hell The chef gave a taste Put on

Chocolate & Walnut Brioche.

Bread making is the culinary equivalent to the kama sutra. It’s more than just technique; it’s patience, understanding, & love. This brioche was fermenting all day atop my fridge, developing

Chicken Jambonette w/ Walnut Tarragon Cream

   Jambonettes are perfect. They’re juicy, 100% meat, dumpling like creations that the French had the kindness to elaborate. The point is to make it look like a fatter and

Roasted Red Pepper Souffle

This recipe came to me in a flash, as I was reading “On Food and Cooking” by Harold McGee. I was breezing through the egg chapter and when the soufflé