Pacaraos: Nothing quite as unique.

      I was recently invited to explore a small, undisclosed district within the regional department of Lima. A little over 2 hours outside of Huaral, heading high up in

IK, Ivan Kisic’s lasting memory.

IK, before anything else, has a story. Ivan Kisic had his tutelage in the most pristine kitchens in Europe, although his dream was to return to Peru and open a

Amazonian breeze in the steel jungle.

   Oh my lord this worm was delicious    Hard to chew on, originally, the hardest part was having it in my mouth while posing for the picture. Albeit it

Parmentier potato journal revival. Peruanita vs Canchan

   So this is a short one, but a necessary one. I haven’t written for the potato journal in a while. But I know that it’s an area with too

Palmiro Ocampo and 1087 Bistro, the emerging vanguard food scene.

   When entering the establishment of 1087 Bistro, studio of the up and coming avant garde chef Palmiro Ocampo, I was greeted by thin brown paper taped to the walls, the traffic

Cheers, to Mistura.

My dear Sirs and Gentle-ladies, I am a proud person, although, I have a love/hate relationship with my stubborn attitude. But I have no shame in admitting that I am

Mistura 2015, my premeditated worries.

   Folks, I am heartbroken. It may seem rash, over exaggerated even. But the manifestation of my gastronomic dogma has dissipated into a complacent fabrication of grease and the communal

Oxadventure in Oxapampa

   The amazon is terribly unrecognized for it’s diversity in dishes, culture, and native crops & fruitage that could be used for so many other things than juice. This last

Succulent, Stimulating, Sibaris.

   I’ve been offered the chance to partake of Sibaris resto-bar on several occasions and have followed their rise to success. They’ve made quite a buzz with their unique proposal

Madres Surquillanas & Their Maritime Morsels

Every so often, in the criollo streets of emerging Lima, you find yourself within the reach of fairly priced gastronomic coming-togethers offering culture & flavor, in great quantities.    In